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Level 1-3 Premium Support


Technical support is often subdivided into Support Tiers or Support Levels, in order to better serve our customers. A common support structure revolves around a three-tiered technical support system.( Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3)

Tier-3 (T3) or Level-3 (L3) Support
This is the highest level of support in a three-tiered technical support model responsible for handling the most difficult or advanced problems. L3 engineers participate in management, prioritization, minor enhancements, break fix activities, problem management, stability analysis, etc. These support leaders have specific, deep understanding and expertise in one or two technology platforms. L3 engineers are proactive in nature, identifying problems in advance and looking for continuous service improvement opportunities. If a fix involves a major enhancement or a development, then the problem is transferred to engineering or development teams, Level 4. L3 engineers may have root or administrator access to basic systems. Appnomic L3 engineers generally have 8 or more years of relevant experience.

Issues covered
Some of the issues covered in Level 1-3 technical support are and not limited to:
  • Troubleshooting, configuration,
  • Database administration, and repair for server,
  • Network,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Data Center,
  • Email,
  • File shares, and other infrastructure issues.
Besides always having the ability to deploy solutions to new problems, a Level 3 tech usually has the most expertise in a company and is the go-to person for solving difficult issues.s It is synonymous with level 3 support or support line 3 denoting expert level troubleshooting and analysis methods

Capabilities: Support rep at this level have an advanced understanding of the product or service and always are competent to solve complex issues.

*Billed Per Ticket / Incidence