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Level 1-2 Technical Support


Technical support is often subdivided into Support Tiers or Support Levels, in order to better serve our customers. A common support structure revolves around a three-tiered technical support system.( Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3)

Tier-1 (T1) or Level-1 (L1) Support
Support specialists in Tier 1 tech and L1 support typically handle straightforward and simple problems while possibly using knowledge base tool & step-by-step guides. This includes troubleshooting methods such as verifying physical layer issues, resolving username and password problems, verification of proper hardware and software set up, and assistance with navigating around application menus.

Tier-2 (T2) or Level-2 (L2) Support
This is a more in-depth technical support. Tier-2 support levels cost more than tier-1 as the support reps are more experienced and knowledgeable on a particular product or service. It is synonymous with level-2 support, administrative level support denoting advanced technical troubleshooting and analysis methods.

Issues covered
Some of the issues covered in Level 1-2 technical support are and not limited to:

  • Creating hosting accounts for VPS, Dedicated & Reseller accounts,
  • Domain registrations,
  • DNS records management,
  • Password resets,
  • Website not loading,
  • FTP issues,
  • Email issues
  • Basic support & troubleshooting
  • Account unlock / lock
  • Payment processing & related issues
  • High-level application usage or How-to questions
  • Application navigation assistance
  • Gather user's information & analyze the issue
  • Ticket creation & allocation to relevant teams
  • Triage
  • Call on-duty technicians for urgent issues
  • Monitoring & responding to server notification emails
Answers or resolutions must be made available via knowledge base, FAQs or step-by-step guides.

Capabilities: Support rep at this level have a basic understanding of the product or service and may not always be competent to solve complex issues. Nevertheless, the goal of this group is to handle 70%-80% of the user problems before finding it necessary to escalate the issue to a higher level.

Most issues in the Level 1 & Level 2 are resolved through the G7Panel.

*Billed Per Ticket / Incidence